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Errors in build.gradle in Flutter application: Cannot resolve symbol "Properties" and Cannot resolve symbol "GradleException"

If you are developing Flutter application using Android studio maybe you have seen this errors in build.gradle:

  • Cannot resolve symbol 'Properties'
  • Cannot resolve symbol 'GradleException'

Screenshot from 2021-11-08 10-07-28.png

You can just choose to ignore this error, it will not cause any problems. Or if it is too annoying, you can checkout the following solution.


  • Go in File -> Project Structure -> Project Settings -> Project and set Project SDK to Android API 30 Platform (or the latest). Screenshot from 2021-11-08 10-08-17.png

  • Go in File -> Project Structure -> Project Settings -> Modules and select the Dependencies tab and choose Android API 30 Platform in the Module SDK dropdown. Screenshot from 2021-11-08 10-08-34.png

  • Change GradleException() to FileNotFoundException() because it's not supported in the Java version of Android API 30 Screenshot from 2021-11-08 10-40-59.png

And the problem is solved.